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REALTOR® University Scholarships

These scholarships are based on merit and academic excellence. Click on the link below for the details.

Norbert J. Stefaniak Scholarship

The GMAR is proud to announce the Norbert J. Stefaniak Scholarship for the REALTOR® University Master of Real Estate (MRE) program. This scholarship is a matching grant between the GMAR and NAR totaling $5,000.

REALTOR® University MRE is a graduate real estate degree program that will prepare students for careers at the heart of today's contemporary practice. NAR is in the process of finalizing the student application, so we will send a notice out when this has been completed.

The MRE program is focused exclusively on disciplines and skills practiced by real estate professionals every day. It offers access to the largest Real Estate Library in the world, in addition to the REALTOR® University Research Center. The University delivers its programs through a global online campus to meet the needs of a diverse and geographically dispersed student population.

The GMAR is naming the REALTOR® University Scholarship after Norbert J. Stefaniak, a long-time member and giant in both the business and academic worlds of real estate, because his life was emblematic of REALTOR® University’s mission: To foster life-long student learning through high-quality entrepreneurial and career-oriented programs in real estate.

Mr. Stefaniak earned his Bachelor’s degree from UW-Milwaukee, an MBA from UW-Madison, and earned a PhD from UW-Madison in Real Estate and Urban Land Economics. He was also a founding partner in Stefaniak Realty.

Mr. Stefaniak became a full tenured Professor in the School of Business at UW-Milwaukee where he taught undergraduate and graduate courses for 25-years. Upon his retirement, he was honored with the title of “Professor Emeritus” by UW-Milwaukee for his years of service.

His list of accomplishments also included, but is certainly not limited to, serving as President of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association, Vice Chairman of Wisconsin Real Estate Examining Board, and a Director of West Allis Memorial Hospital.

It is with great pride that the GMAR can honor the memory of Norbert J. Stefaniak with a scholarship that will allow another REALTOR® to expand their academic horizons.