Privacy Policy

The GMAR privacy policy applies to all content created by or belonging to the GMAR.

This Policy does not apply to any other site accessed by a link located on this Site. Please review the privacy policy of the other site before providing any personal information.

To protect your privacy, the GMAR provides a link to this Policy on all pages that collect and transmit information from the user to the GMAR.

Content shall mean all information or images contained on the Site, including but not limited to, trademarks, copyrights, advertisements, data, text, graphics, photos, software and video. "Financial information" shall mean a User’s social security number, credit card number or expiration date, or the number of any account held by User in any financial institution. "General information" is all information related to Users other than "financial information", whether provided by the User on the Site or otherwise obtained by the GMAR. "Site" shall mean the Internet site located at the URL address "User" shall mean any person or entity that accesses or uses the Site in any manner. " GMAR " shall mean the Greater Milwaukee Association of REALTORS®, its employees, officers, directors, and all other persons or entities affiliated with GMAR responsible for creating, maintaining, and publishing this Site.

What the GMAR does with the information it gathers
We use information about our Users, members and non-members, for administrative, operational and financial purposes. Databases are maintained to store information regarding: 1) membership records; 2) course registration, attendance and completion; 3) product purchases, and other financial and general information.

Distribution of Information Gathered on the Site
The GMAR will not release a User’s financial information to anyone outside the GMAR without first obtaining the User’s consent, except for information that we are legally required to gather and/or report to government agencies. General information may be released to third parties without the User’s consent. General information, may also be distributed publicly in various articles and reports.

Cancellation of communications or services
Some general information gathered on the site is used to identify persons to whom various communications or advertisements may be sent by the GMAR or third parties. In the event that a User wishes to cancel future communications or advertisements from the GMAR, they may do so by:

  • Sending an email
  • Calling the following telephone number: (414) 778-4929
  • Writing to: Greater Milwaukee Association of REALTORS® 12300 W. Center Street, Milwaukee, WI 53222

This Site’s Policy on Correcting, Updating and Deleting Information.
GMAR members* and non-members may correct, update or delete** financial or general information previously provided to the site or otherwise maintained in GMAR databases by:

  • Sending an email
  • Salling the following telephone number: (414) 778-4929
  • Writing to: Greater Milwaukee Association of REALTORS® 12300 W. Center Street, Milwaukee, WI 53222

* See the GMAR Member Information Change Form area on this Site for an explanation of how membership records may be modified.

** Records that the GMAR is required by law to maintain may be corrected or updated by members or non-members, but may not be deleted.

Online Order, Registration and E-mail Security
The GMAR uses the Internet standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for cryptographic security on all information transactions that feature sensitive information such as credit cards and financial information. E-mail transmissions, once received by the GMAR, are secured through the use of the GMAR’s virtual private network.

Financial and general information collected from Users via online registration and order forms is used to process and send orders, bill credit cards, verify GMAR membership, when applicable, and to accurately maintain pre-license and continuing education records (as required by Department of Regulation and Licensing rules). You may be asked to provide contact information (i.e., e-mail address, phone number, firm name), unique identifiers (i.e., GMAR member number (social security numbers may be volunteered, as an alternative, by a member who does not have his/her membership number)), and/or financial information (i.e., credit card number). Financial information supplied via online order forms and registration forms is used only by the GMAR. It is not sold or provided to third party vendors, direct mail concerns, email list services, etc.

Contacting the Web Site
If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this Web site, you may contact us by:

  • Sending an email
  • Calling the following telephone number: (414) 778-4929
  • Writing to: Greater Milwaukee Association of REALTORS® 12300 W. Center Street, Milwaukee, WI 53222

Computer Data/Cookies
The GMAR uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on User’s computer’s hard drive. Essentially, cookies are identification cards for the GMAR computers, or servers, that placed them there. Cookies are only read by the server that placed them there and are unable to execute any code or virus. The GMAR uses cookies on member’s computers to identify that User as a member when that User accesses the Site in the future. Cookies may also be used to provide personalized service to Users of the Site.

The GMAR may also monitor the packets of information that are sent to our webserver from the computers of Users that visit the Site. This information is automatically imbedded in the communication packets that go back and forth between the two computers as a result of the standards that have been created for most computer networks. The information collected in this manner is generic information relating to the User’s software, internet service provider and the User’s interaction with the Site. Information that would identify the individual User is not collected in these packets of information. The types of information that are sent in these communications packets are the: -type of operating system (Windows 3.11, MacOS, Windows 95, etc.); -type of browser being used (IE 4.0, Netscape, Mosaic etc.); -the Internet Protocal (IP) address of the computer while it is connected to the Site; -the region of the country; -the internet service provider (ISP) being utilized by the user; -the time of day the User connects to the Site and the duration of the connection time; -the pages of our Site that the User visits; -the search engines used to get to the Site and the words used in for the search request.

GMAR Member Information Change Form
GMAR members may change membership records on the GMAR Member Information Change Form page. Change requests made on this page are submitted to the GMAR membership department to be verified and entered into the GMAR membership database. This is a manual process, GMAR staff will adjust your records at our earliest possible convenience upon receipt of your request.

Membership information may also be changed by calling: (414) 778-4929 and asking for the membership department.

GMAR Member Legal Hotline Question Form
GMAR members may submit their legal hotline question to the GMAR legal department using this page of the Site. The Site will collect the information and deliver it to the GMAR legal department for entry into the Legal Hotline database. This E-mail transmission is secured through the use of the GMAR’s virtual private network. The database information will be used to relay the question to the Legal Hotline attorney who will use the information to respond to the User’s inquiry. The response to the User’s inquiry will also be maintained in the Legal Hotline database. All information received by the Hotline which may identify individual members will be kept confidential, except that responses to the sales associates may be copied to the sales associate’s supervising broker (Designated REALTOR®). After all information which may identify individual members has been removed, Hotline questions and answers may be published in the weekly Designated REALTOR® Hotline Hottips Service, The Best of the Legal Hotline Legal Update, continuing education course curriculum and other similar publications.