REALTORS® Political Action Committee

The REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) is a committee of 18 trustees who interview
candidates for political office, follow voting records of elected officials and recommend support of
candidates during elections. The Greater Milwaukee Association of REALTORS® (GMAR) members
and the RPAC are involved in political action through calls to action, attending fundraisers, attending
REALTOR® & Government Day in Madison (February 9, 2022) and supporting candidates running for
public office. RPAC supports elected officials who support REALTOR® issues, regardless of
their political party.

Establishing fiscally responsible, commonsense public policy at the federal, state and local levels not
only benefits REALTORS®, but ensures private property rights by protecting the interest of every
American who owns, buys or sells property.

What has RPAC accomplished for homeowners and REALTORS®?
 Rejected transfer tax increases
 Kept banks out of real estate
 Prevented the elimination of the Mortgage Interest Deduction for homeowners
 Prevented new impact fees
 Eliminated capital gains taxes on the sale of a principal residence

These and many other issues directly impact REALTORS’® efforts to encourage home ownership,
protect property rights and facilitate their ability to conduct business.
How can you become involved?
 Contribute the $50 to RPAC on your dues payment.
 Contribute to the Direct Giver Program. This is a $100 minimum contribution and you decide
who to send your money to. Your money is protected in a personal checking account and
released by you when you decide to contribute to a candidate or elected official. A check is
sent from you and the REALTOR® Association. It has the same impact as if you wrote a
personal check.

If you have questions, please contact Marne Stück at the GMAR. 414-778-4929 or marne@gmar.com

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