GMAR Addendum A Revisions

Addendum A Revisions

Below are some of the changes made to the GMAR Addendum A:


  • The GMAR Addendum A includes a suggested use date of 12/1/19


  • The GMAR Addendum A no longer includes a Radon Test Contingency because the 2020 WB-11 now includes one. However, keep in mind if you are drafting an offer on any other type of property, for example a WB-14 Residential Condominium Offer to Purchase, a radon testing contingency would need to be added.


  • The GMAR Addendum A now includes a VA Mortgage Wood Destroying Insect Inspection provision. This was added to help address that in some counties a VA loan requires inspection for wood destroying insects.


  • The definition of Actual Receipt has been removed from the GMAR Addendum A. Therefore, by the GMAR Addendum A being incorporated by reference into the 2020 WB-11, the definition of Actual Receipt in the GMAR Addendum A defaults to the definition in the 2020 WB-11 on lines 436-438.


  • Sections of the GMAR Addendum A have been moved around. For example, previously seller contributions and home warranty were on page 4 and now are on page 1 of the GMAR Addendum A.


See below for a PDF of the revised GMAR Addendum A for your review. The highlighted areas have been included to show the most substantial additions or changes.


For more information about the 2020 WB-11 Residential Offer to Purchase changes, go to .


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