Scholarship Guidelines and Recipients

The Youth Foundation values continued education and supports students each year with college scholarship awards. Children and grandchildren of GMAR members are eligible to apply. 

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria
• Applicants must be children or grandchildren of the Greater Milwaukee Association of REALTORS® Members.
• Members must have maintained their relationship with the Greater Milwaukee Association of REALTORS® continuously for at least three years. 
• Member’s dues must be current.

Scholarship Recipient Policy

All successful candidates must provide verification to the Youth Foundation, of their educational expenditures within 180 days of receiving their scholarship. The Youth Foundation’s Scholarship Committee will evaluate and confirm whether scholarship funds have been used appropriately, and specifically for educational purposes. Should the scholarship recipient fail to provide verification of expenses, and/or if the committee deems the scholarship funds were misused, the scholarship recipient and/or the sponsoring parent or grandparent will be responsible to reimburse the scholarship funds to the Youth Foundation within thirty (30) days of such notification.  

The IRS requires that foundations that offer scholarships have a policy which allows for verification of expenditures and the recovery of funds that are misused.

Application Guidelines
To be considered applicants must:
• Have applied to at least one accredited two or four-year college, or are currently in college

Submit Required Items (must be filed wtih the application and not seperatly:
• A completed application 
• A high school or college transcript
• Three dated letters of recommendations from: 1) A high school or college teacher. 2) A member of applicant’s general community. 3) A source of applicant’s choice. Letters of recommendation must be within the last 12 months.
• A 250-300 word essay describing academic achievement, and career goals
• A summary of any community involvement and extra-curricular activity
• Evidence of the college application is required (email copy or letter of acceptance is acceptable)

Applicants are eligible each year for one scholarship.

All applications and inquiries should be directed to:
Youth Foundation, Inc.
Attn: Scott Bush, Secretary
11430 W North Ave
Wauwatosa, WI 53226

Congratulations to the Following 2022 Scholarship Recipients: 

Scholarship Recipient                        GMAR Member 

Jocelyn Muelver                                    Mathew Muelver

Caden Curler                                        Amy Curler

William Scheske                                    Jodi Scheske

Laura Zautner                                       Elizabeth Kruepke

Sophia Nelson                                       Eileen Nelson

Kelsey Corbett                                      Jonathan Corbett

Riana Rogne                                          Kim Rogne

Andrea Schwalbach                                Joe Schwalbach