The Direct Giver Program

As a leader in the real estate business, you understand the unique and important relationship between your business and lawmaking. Some of you have demonstrated your understanding by investing in your business through your past contributions to the RPAC/Direct Giver Program. The Direct Giver Program is a unique tool you have as a REALTOR® in Wisconsin and you can use it to support PRO-REALTOR® candidates at all levels of government, from local alderperson to the President of the United States, and everyone in between.

How Does the Direct Giver Program work?

It starts with a minimum $100 contribution that is placed in an account under your name.

You then decide who and when you want to release your funds to and a check is written on your behalf. To a candidate, this is the same as you writing a personal check to their campaign. The bonus is that you have the weight of the REALTOR® trademark behind you. You can be as active as you like and the check can be sent to you to hand deliver to a candidate at a fundraising event, or the check can be sent directly.

Please contact Marne Stuck, your Government Affairs Director at the GMAR if you are interested in becoming a Direct Giver (414-778-4929).