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REALTOR® Logo Usage

REALTOR® logo is available at:


The GMAR logo may be used only by current GMAR members.  It may be used to indicate you are a member of the GMAR, but not give any indication that you are a “preferred vendor,” “preferred member”, etc.  For an electronic version, contact the GMAR office at 414-778-4929.


If you are printing with 2 colors, the GMAR logo should be printed in blue and black only.  For a one color logo it should be printed in black.  However, if you are printing a piece that is one color and is something other than black (for instance – all green), the logo can be published in the same color as the rest of the brochure. If you have any questions, please contact the GMAR staff.

For Rules considering the MLS logos, please contact MLS directly at 414-778-5400.