Pay Your Dues Online

  1. If already registered with NAR, enter your Username and Password and click on Pay Dues in upper right of screen (if not registered go to step #2, if already registered skip #2).
  2. To register, click on Click Here to Register link. Please follow the screen prompts to create your account. Click on Pay Dues in upper right of the screen. Enter your newly created Username and Password.
  3. At the E-commerce screen, Click on My Invoice.
  4. Click on Pay My 2020 Invoice.
  5. Click on View Final Invoice & Disclaimer.
  6. View your 2020 Invoice, which is in a printable format for your records. Scroll down and click on Return to Preliminary Invoice.
  7. Scroll down and click on Pay Invoice. You will be asked to click on a box confirming your understanding that dues are non-refundable. Complete fields, click on Pay Now.
  8. Please note: VISA/MC only accepted.

Pay Dues Now