List of Direct Givers

The following is a list of GMAR members who have contributed to the Direct Giver Program in 2018. 

If you are interested in making a contribution, please contact Marne Stuck at the GMAR.

*=2018 Large Donor Council Member 

Dani Austin-Rauch                        First Weber Inc~DLF

Tina Balaka                                   Shorewest, REALTORS~South Metro

James Behrend                             Behrend Property LLC

Debra Benson                               RE/MAX Realty 100~Milwaukee

Jeff Benson *                                RE/MAX Realty 100~Milwaukee

George Berger                              RE/MAX Realty 100~Milwaukee

Patricia Boyd                                 RE/MAX Realty 100~Brookfield

Rebecca Brand                             Shorewest, REALTORS~OC

Robert Brooks *                            Brooks Investment Group LLC

Stephanie Brunkhorst                    First Weber Inc~BK

Jen Burns                                     Century 21 Affiliated~Delafield

Scott Bush                                    Greater Milwaukee Assn of REALTORS

Nancy Carpenter                           Ogden, The Real Estate Company

Patricia Chartier *                          Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage~BRK

Julie Clarke                                   Realty Executives Integrity~Brookfield

Casey Clickner *                           Shorewest, REALTORS~W North

Sarah Cole                                    Landmark Realty LLC

Amy Curler *                                 First Weber Inc~West Bend

Ted Dentice *                                Shorewest, REALTORS~Brookfield

Sue Derby                                    Shorewest, REALTORS~Meadowbrook

Alberta Dhillon                               Greater Milwaukee Assn of REALTORS

Kathy Domagalski                         Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage~CED

Kevin Donnell *                             First Weber Inc~Barker

Curt Downes                                 First Weber Inc~BK

Tim Dunne                                    Dunne Commercial Properties

Sharon Ellis                                   RE/MAX United LLC~West Bend

Shelli Ellis                                     Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

James Emmer *                            Emmer Real Estate Group

Kaye Erdman                                First Weber Inc~West Bend

Katherine Falk *                            Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage~N Shore

Leo Fitzgerald                               First Weber Inc~BK

Cynthia Fleming                            First Weber Inc~BK

Michael Fons                                First Weber Inc~Greenfield

Dean Franza                                 Franza Dean

Theresa Fredrich                           First Weber Inc~West Bend

Gary Gerhardt                               RE/MAX Realty 100~Brookfield

Michael Glynn                               Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage~West Bend

Shawn Govern                              Perfection Plus R E Services

Judy Hearst *                                Coldwell Banker Res Brok~MEQ

Jean Henning                                RE/MAX Realty 100~Milwaukee

Janyce Hetzel                               Ogden, The Real Estate Company

Scott Heyerdahl                             First Weber Inc~DLF

John Hiller *                                  Hiller Realty, Inc.

John P. Horning *                          Shorewest, REALTORS~Brookfield

Joseph Horning *                          Shorewest, REALTORS~Brookfield

Christine Howard *                        Associated Bank

Christine Howard                           Ogden, The Real Estate Company

Gail Howard                                  Famous Homes Realty

Sandra Jandegian                         Shorewest, REALTORS~N Oakland

Patricia Jastroch                           First Weber Inc~Greenfield

Cheryl Kampa                               Sherry & Jerry Kampa - Your Home Team – LLC

Vickie Kelsall *                              Century 21 Affiliated~Wauwatosa

Mark Kivley *                                 RE/MAX Lakeside~Capitol

Scott Klaas *                                 Keller Williams Realty~Milwaukee SW

Mikel Kollmansberger *                  Shorewest, REALTORS~Meadowbrook

Judith Koob                                   First Weber Inc~BK

Christine Krieg                              First Weber Inc~BK

Laura Kruschka *                          RE/MAX Realty 100~M Falls

Chad Larget                                  First Weber Inc~NPW

Martin Larson                                Coldwell Banker HomeSale Realty~New Berlin

Robert Larson                               First Weber Inc~WK

Sherri Larson                                Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage~BRK

Kelly Leitner                                  Leitner Properties

Cory Liebmann                              Homestead Realty Inc~Milwaukee

Thomas Lindemann                       North Shore Homes Inc

Tamara Maddente *                      First Weber Inc~Barker

David Marcello                              Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage~BRK

Dale Marciniak                              RE/MAX Realty 100~Milwaukee

Kevin Marciniak                             RE/MAX Realty 100~Milwaukee

Kathleen Martello *                        RE/MAX Realty 100~Milwaukee

Roger Mater *                               RE/MAX Realty 100~Brookfield

Thomas McCormick                      Exit Realty Horizons

Susan Muller                                 Attorneys’ Title Guaranty Fund, Inc.

Joe Murray                                   Wisconsin REALTORS Association

Brittany Nigh                                 First Weber Inc~West Bend

Ellen Ostermann                           Shorewest, REALTORS~Grafton

Kenneth Payne                             Worth Realty

Roxanne Platz                              First Weber Inc~DLF

Colleen Prostek                            Realty Executives Integrity~Northshore

Roger Rushman *                         First Weber Inc~DLF

Mike Ruzicka *                              Greater Milwaukee Assn of REALTORS

Theodore Schaar *                        RE/MAX Gallery

Thomas Schinker                          RE/MAX Service First LLC

Frank Schnackenberg                    RE/MAX Realty 100~Milwaukee

Linda Schulteis                              Allied Realty Group LLC

Peter Shuttleworth *                      Multiple Listing Service Inc

James Somers                              Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage~BRK

Courtney Stefaniak                        The Stefaniak Group LLC

Jean Stefaniak *                            The Stefaniak Group LLC

Peter S. Stefaniak                         The Stefaniak Group LLC

Marne Stuck *                               Greater Milwaukee Assn of REALTORS

Kelamar Svoboda *                       First Weber Inc~Greenfield

Thomas Sykora *                          Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage~West Bend

Patricia Tasker                              Shorewest, REALTORS~MNM Falls

Thomas Telderer                           RE/MAX Realty 100~Milwaukee

Linda Teschendorf                        Ogden, The Real Estate Company

Kathryn Turtenwald                       RE/MAX Realty 100~M Falls

Barbara Wood                               Keller Williams Realty~Milw North Shore

Donna Zarek                                 First Weber Inc~BK

Jim Zarek                                     First Weber Inc~BK