GMAR Shredfest

Event Date: May 23, 2019 at 9:00am-3:00pm

Event Location:
GMAR Parking Lot
12300 W. Center Street
Milwaukee, WI 53222

Event Phone:

Event Email:

This event is for GMAR members only.

Keep the following guidelines in mind when sorting your items for Shredfest, as recycling centers WILL NOT accept the following items:

* processed photographs
* magazines, newspapers, books
* plastic (including 3 ring binders and bags)
* cardboard
* boxboard (like Fed-Ex envelopes)
* computers

Your cardboard boxes and plastic bags are emptied as you arrive and returned to you. If any of the restricted items are found in your recycling, you will not be allowed to continue. We would appreciate your reviewing your items before bringing them.

Other things to note:

  1. The shredding company estimates that the 45% of the paper they shred could go into regular recycling. Shredding confidential documents is done to prevent the theft of confidential information. Shredding regular paper items only adds to the shredding time and delays the line.
  2. If it’s not your turn, please do not carry your papers up to the shredding truck. The person ahead of you gets to fill the bin first. If you fill the bin, that delays the person who was in front of you, if they have more items to shred.
  3. Remember to register. That helps the GMAR manage the participants more efficiently.

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