In the News

5/19/16- Simple steps to get your house off the market sooner than later
5/13/16- Metro home sales increase 15.1% in April
5/11/16- April home sales up 15.1% in Milwaukee area
5/6/16- Local realtor attacked during staged showing, returns to property Thursday.
4/15/16- Metro area new home construction off to fast start in 2016
4/13/16- Metro Milwaukee home sales drop 4% in March
4/12/16- Milwaukee area home sales drop 4% in March, breaking long streak of increases
4/8/16- Cash for deeds on the rise
3/19/16- Spring into action at the 92nd REALTORS Home & Garden Show
2/28/16- Things are selling: MIlwaukee experienceing real estate boon, especially condo sales
2/23/16- Full Disclosure a Home Buyer's Guide
2/11/16- Metro Milwaukee Home Sales Up 13.8% in January
2/11/16- Home Sales Increase for 12th Consecutive Month
2/10/16- Milwaukee-area home sales pick up where they left off in 2015
2/3/16- Mixed Signs for Milwaukee Real Estate Market
1/25/16- Housing market expected to be even stronger in 2016
1/21/16- Milwaukee metro area homebuilding flat in 2015
1/16/16- Area home prices climbed in 2015
1/13/16- Southeast Wisconsin foreclosure filings retreat to prerecession pace
1/13/16- Metro Milwaukee home sales increase 10.6% in December
1/12/16- Milwaukee area residential real estate market ends 2015 strong
12/16/15- Metro Milwaukee housing market ranks 3rd in nation
10/24/15- Message to sellers: Don't wait until spring to list
10/14/15- Metro Milwaukee home sales up 13% last month
10/6/15- Changes to Mortgage Process
8/9/15- Decline in Neighborhooods? Budget provision means home sales no longer require inspection
7/16/15- Sales of existing homes in Milwaukee area rise 23% in June over same time last year